store relocating

North Pacific Firearm is relocating to the mainland!
Here is all you need to know in a short Q&A:


Q: Why are we relocating our store?
A: We recently received a business opportunity that we couldn’t turn down – to relocate our store to a larger space within a state that has very friendly and accommodating gun laws.

Q: How does this relocation affect me?
A: The anticipated store relocation will be sometime between August to September this summer. An advance notice will be given.

Q: Is there any change to current store hours?
A: No, store will be open MON-FRI 1PM to 7PM. Should these hours change, we will post a notice in advance.

Q: Are you having any special sale?
A: Not at this point, whatever isn’t sold, will be part of the inventory in the new location.
However, we may have an ammo & accessory sale – we will post this later on.

Q: Can you still get firearms from the SIG SAUER law enforcement program?
A: If you are law enforcement officer/first responder, please stop by so we can check the status of the firearm you are looking to purchase. Some we have in store, some we will need to special order. Availability may vary and we want to make sure that we can get it on time.

Q: I have consignment firearm in your store, what do I need to do?
A: We have only few consignments firearms in our store, and we will contact you individually in order to make sure
you pick up your firearm on time. In some cases, we may be able to offer you a purchase price for your gun.

Q: What about warranty/repair issue with firearm(s) purchases at your store?
A: If you have any warranty or repair issues, please see us as soon as possible, so we can address it in timely manner.

Q: Are you still buying guns locally?
A: Yes, please contact us via phone or stop by. We buy guns on case by case basis.

Q: Are you still conducting NRA Basic Pistol Course?
A: Yes, we will conduct personal courses for individuals who purchased a handgun in our store and need the training in order
to obtain pistol permit. If we are unable to conduct one, we should be able to refer you to one of our affiliate instructors.

Q: Is there a cutoff date on the sale of firearms in your store?
A: Due to the 2 – week waiting period for pistol permit, we will stop selling pistols approx 2 weeks to relocation.
We will post a notice in advance.

We hope the information above was helpful. Should you have additional questions, please contact us via
Facebook, email: ilan.kariv@npfirearms, call us: 933-4867 or visit our store during business hours.