Here is our store schedule for this coming week, and in August:
Monday: OPEN 1PM – 7PM (July 27th)
Tuesday: OPEN 1PM – 7PM (July 28th)
Wednesday: OPEN 1PM-7PM (July 29th)
Thursday: CLOSED (July 30th)
FRIDAY: OPEN 1PM-7PM (July 31st)
SATURDAY OPEN 1PM – 7PM (August 1st)
SUNDAY CLOSED (August 2nd)

Starting August 3rd we will be open by appointment only. Please Call or text to 808.295.0587 so, we can coordinate. We will are looking to close around the week of August 14th. If you have a pending handgun permit, a consignment or you want to purchase firearm(*), ammo or accessory from our store, please stop by and visit us at your earliest convenient.

*Please note that we stopped selling handguns at this point due to the 15 days waiting period. We still selling long guns and discounted ammo.