Q: Where is the location of North Pacific Firearms Storefront?

A: We are located on 104 Kalakaua Street, Hilo Hawaii 96720. Click here to view Google map with our store location.


Q: What are North Pacific Firearms Store Front operating hours?

A: North Pacific Firearms store hours are:

Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00pm

Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm


Q: How do we contact North Pacific Firearms?

A: You can contact us by:

Phone: (808) 933-GUNS (4867)

Fax: (808) 441-1991

email: info@northpacificfirearms.com


Q: What are the store code of conduct:


1. No loaded firearms in the store under no circumstances!

2. Always handle a firearm(s) as it was loaded.

3. Always point displayed firearms in a safe direction, and never at a person.

4. No shirts - no service.

5. Do not disassemble a display firearm.


Q: Do I need a permit to acquire a firearm?

A: Yes, Please contact County of Hawaii Police Department , Firearms Permits Section for further Information at:

349 Kapiolani Street. Hilo, Hawaii 96720


Q: Can I purchase a firearm while my permit is processed by the county police department?

A: To purchase long rifles and/or shotguns you must show a valid non-expired permit to acquire and a photo ID. In order to purchase a pistol you (1) must be 21 (2) U.S Citizen (3) Show valid photo ID. Once you pay for the pistol , we will provide you with its information (make, model, serial number, barrel length and action) so, you can acquire a permit. In order to transfer the firearm to your possession, you must provide us with issued permit.


Q: I paid for a pistol, but the county won't issued me with a permit , can I acquire a different firearm.

A: EVERY firearm MUST be acquired with a valid permit issued by The Hawaii County Police Department. We don't approve permits to acquire, please contact the county police department (address above) for more information.


Q: I paid for a pistol, but the county won't issued me with a permit , do I get my money back?


1. Once you paid for a pistol that was in our store stock, we will transfer the firearm to your possession ONLY with a valid permit. If from some reason the county denies you a permit to acquire, please provide us with a document showing that the county rejected your application for permit, and we will reimburse you with the money you paid in full.

2. If you paid for a pistol order (we didn't have in stock, and we order it for you), and the county denies you a permit to acquire, we cannot transfer possession of the firearm to you. Instead with your permission we can offer to sell it in our store at MSRP price (if its new) or fair market value (used). Once firearm is sold at the agreed price we will reimburse you* (*deductible fees & tax may apply)


Q: Can I return a firearm?

A: No, all sales of firearms are final. However, if a firearm we sold to you has a defect, we can facilitate a return under the firearm warranty to the manufacturer for replacement. All NEW firearms are provided with manufacturer limited warranty. Please read the warranty instructions provided with your firearm.


Q: Can I purchase a pistol with high capacity magazine(s) ?

A: The Hawaii Revised Statue prohibit such pistols. All pistols (handguns) cannot exceed 10 rounds magazine capacity. However, if you are a law enforcement officer who utilizes such firearm in the line of duty, please provide us with a valid permit along with a written authorization by the Hawaii County Chief of Police.


Q: Can I purchase a fully automated pistol / rifle ?

A: NO, these firearms are prohibited by law.


Q: Where can I learn about safe firearm handling?

A: There are numerous publications written and online. You may also consider enrolling with the Hawaii Department of Land & Natural Resources Hunter's Education Course, click here for more information.


Q: Are there any shooting ranges?

A: Yes, for shotguns only:

Hilo Trap & Skeet Range at

1010 Leilani Street, Hilo HI 96720

call John Kushi at the Waiakea Recreation Center, 961-8733

For pistols and rifles, you must join the Glenwood PPS gun club in order to gain access to the Glenwood range. Details at store.


Q: Can I transfer a firearm I purchased elsewhere to your store?

A: Yes, please read below:

1. All transfers cost $10.00 flat rate

2. You must let us know in advance regarding the shipping party, and the detailed firearm information.

3. If you are transferring to our store an illegal firearm or firearm item, we will surrender it to the County Police Department.

4. In order to assume possession of a transferred firearm, you must provide us with a valid permit to acquire, and photo ID.

5. Firearms sent to our store without prior notification and/or payment will be held.


Q: Do you provide a gun smiting services at your store ?

A: Not at this point.


Q: What is the largest firearm caliber you sell.

A: 50 Caliber.


North Pacific Firearms is a U.S. licensed firearm dealer and importer. We conduct our operations with strict regard to all U.S. federal firearms laws, State of Hawaii revised statues and Hawaii County regulations. We offer large and diverse selection of pistols, long & assault rifles, shotguns, ammunition and shooting accessories. North Pacific Firearms is located on 104 Kalakaua Street in Hilo downtown district. Our flexible store hours 10:00am to 6:00PM on weekdays and 10:00 am to 4:00pm on weekends are set for your convenience. The store surrounding has many available and close parking stalls daily. Our goal is to provide affordable and diverse selection of firearms, ammunition and accessories to all our local hunters, sportsman and law enforcement officers. We have formed great and exclusive distributorship and dealership agreements with many mainland partners so, we can provide you with the lowest possible prices. We represent all the big brand name in firearms, and we can bring in any firearm, or shooting gear currently not in our stock between 3-5 business days. We are available to answer any sales question you have by phone email or fax.